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About Ñānavīra Thera

Nanavira Thera in Colombo

The Hermit of Bundala – the biography by Bhikkhu Hiriko
‘Nanavira Hamuduru’ – Short Documentary about his life and work (video)
The People, Sunday, Sept.19,1965
The People, Sunday, Sept.26,1965
Existence, Enlightenment and Suicide by Stephen Batchelor
The Legend of Bundala by Kingsley Heendeniya
Ven. Nanavira – the scholar monk, the suicide and the film (review) by Nan
Ven. Ñānavīra: The Film (review)by Bhikkhu Yogananda
Venerable Ñānavira Remembered (interview) by Somadasa
The Wit and Wisdom of Ven Nanavira Thera Speech for the Opening of a Monument in Bundala, Sri Lanka, Friday 26th February 2016, by Michael Rae

Other life stories
A Sketch of the Life of Ñānamoli Thera by Maurice Cardiff
The Life of Osbert Moore, Also Known As Ñānamoli Thera
Biography of Hannelore Wolf (Sister Vajirā) by Dr. Hellmuth Hecker
A Compassionate Monk Beyond Compare – an obituary for S. Bodhesako by Mahinda Wijesinghe
Thoughts about Ven. Nyanasumana Speech by Steven Ganci during the Ven. Nyanavira Thera Memorial Day, Bundala, Sri Lanka, 26th February 2016.