Author: Bhikkhu Ninoslav Nyanamoli

Not Perceiving the Feeling [Notes on MN 43]

Friend, feeling and perception and consciousness-these things are associated, not disassociated. It is not possible to separate them and by separating them point out the difference [between them]. What one…
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Determining Determinations

1. Feeling, perception and consciousness are always there together.1 It is impossible to have them arising independently and on their own; when there is one, the other two are present as…
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Resistance and Designation (Notes on DN 15)

  Nāmarūpapaccayā phasso’ti iti kho panetaṃ vuttaṃ, tadānanda, imināpetaṃ pariyāyena veditabbaṃ, yathā nāmarūpapaccayā phasso. Yehi, Ānanda, ākārehi yehi liṅgehi yehi nimittehi yehi uddesehi nāmakā-yassa paññatti hoti, tesu ākāresu tesu liṅgesu…
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