BOOK: Dhamma Within Reach – Ajahn Nyanamoli Thero



The following texts are rewritten and expanded essays based on the transcripts from a selection of my video and audio talks and discussions.
I would like to say thank you to all people involved in proofreading, advising, funding, printing and publishing. Much merit to you all. Anumodana!

July 4th, 2021
Sri Lanka

5 thoughts on “BOOK: Dhamma Within Reach – Ajahn Nyanamoli Thero

  1. I cannot express enough to what extent the talks in this book, and their transcripts, have been of benefit to me. – prompting me to question what I was wrongly taking for granted; – undoing a false sense of security; – forcing me to start taking proper responsibility for this life and and the choices made in it; – making me realise several mistakes in attitude and understanding I was making without knowing, among other points. I hope those who read this will not take it lightly. It’s all too easy to filter everything we hear and read through our own mostly wrong views, instead of taking it as an opportunity to undo them.

  2. I first became familiar with Ajahn Nyanamoli Thero two years ago through his series of nine talks on aspects of Ñāṇavīra Thera’s important and valuable book, Notes on Dhamma. This is not an easy book by any means and his elucidation of many key concepts was extremely beneficial. It didn’t take me long to realize that he is a worthy intellectual successor to the Hermit of Bundala. This was confirmed by reading his scholarly and philosophical work, Meanings. I have appreciatively watched all of his other talks and transcribed portions of them for my personal use, all the while hoping that this book would someday appear. Anyone who has viewed his videos will find the subject matter and style eminently familiar.

    I consider Dhamma Within Reach to be a most appropriate title for this work. With his typical clear, concise, and uncompromising approach to teaching, the fundamentals of the Dhamma are covered in a logical progression. As its subtitle also indicates, the Endurance, Patience and Wisdom required to approach practicing the Dhamma are clarified with succinct reasoning, supplemented with excerpts from the Suttas, and presented with rare understanding. With the necessary path to follow unambiguously described and admirably illuminated, it is only up to the reader to begin reaching and ultimately to grasp.

    Not all aspects of the Dhamma could be covered in this relatively brief work and a follow up book would be most welcome. I was not expecting to find any discussion of the brahmavihārā and metta, karuna, mudita, and upekkha are not mentioned or their English equivalents. The primacy and importance of silā is unmistakably emphasized. The topic of meditation is well covered: the proper way to approach this important practice is explained while the commonly taught incorrect methods are predictably critiqued.

    The text concludes with a chapter appropriately entitled “Gateway to Nibbāna”. In keeping with the eminently practical nature of this work, which avoids metaphysical concepts, the gateway is described as the Middle Way. Presented simply as an option, we are not guided through it. But it is put within reach.

    Apart from the Suttas, if I could only have a single book on the Dhamma, this would be it.

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