Dear friends,
The Akalika Forum is currently in process of archiving some relevant and interesting posts which have been published at Akalika Forum and we file them into Path Press archive. These materials and many other are going to be archived at When it is ready for the public we will inform you.
We also connect together our website with facebook (/ and Twitter (@pathpress). This means that the same message is going to be displayed on these social networks and on the left sidebar of Path Press website at the same time. So, you have few options to choose how to be connected with Path Press.
For those who will miss the discussions of forums now they can choose any of many alternative ways how to connect with others. Discussions can be posted on the main Path Press website, facebook, twitter, google+, and also at forthcoming issuu archive space (where you can leave a comments on articles and books).
I hope that all these services will replace forum without great inconveniences. If you have any further feedback, please do let us know.
With best wishes,
Bhikkhu Nyanasuci

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